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Letters of Reference

Educational Portfolio for Mack S. Tribble

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Mentor Teacher Letter

To Whom It May Concern:


            Mr. Mack Tribble completed his student teaching assignment under my supervision during the 2006 spring semester.  He took on an evolving role during his tenure with me in a second grade classroom, beginning as an observer and moving on to take on the responsibility of teaching lessons throughout the school day.  I have seen him grow in the fifteen weeks and I hope this will give him the confidence to continue his professional journey.

            During his student teaching experience Mr. Tribble established a great rapport with the students.  In fact, they have come to think of him as their friend, as well as their teacher.  Mr. Tribble accepted students for the individuals they are and permitted them to learn in their own manner.  He communicated openly with the students and was always interested in what the students had to say.

            Mack had experiences in teaching math, spelling, reading and science.  He prepared well organized and effective lessons on each subject taught.  Mack presented a science unit on weather that he created during his graduate program.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the activities that were provided during the unit.

            Mack is very personable.  He is very warm and caring to the students in his class, as well as fellow teachers.  The affection he has for his students is evident in his classroom presentation.  I wish Mack the greatest success in his pursuit of a teaching career and I know that he will be an outstanding teacher.





Cheryl Schulz

Second Grade Teacher

Juliette Low School

Letter from Student Teaching Supervisor


            It is with great pleasure that I compose this letter of recommendation for Mr. Mack Tribble. Mr. Tribble has been a student of mine for the past two semesters and has left an impression on me already as a comprehensive educator. Mack is a remarkable learner and has proven himself as a practitioner as well. In fact, in my twenty-five years of experience in this profession, I rarely encounter the level of sophistication and competency that Mack possesses. 


            As a graduate student and career changer Mr. Tribble gives new meaning to the word dedication. His school work is estimable and his people skills are extraordinary. In the area of lesson planning, Mr. Tribble is thoughtful and creative. Grounded in constructivism, Mack will engage his students in meaningful learning with higher order thinking and real life application. He has a great combination of extreme creativity with brilliant organizational skills. Furthermore, he is a reflective practitioner, and thus teaches his students to engage in reflective practices.


            Mr. Tribble’s graduate program for career changers is in a co-hort situation. As a member of the co-hort Mack has proven himself as a leader. He is very well respected and well-liked by his group. A father, a husband, a student, and a provider for his family, Mack is not afraid of hard work. His work load capacity impresses me. Moreover, Mack Tribble is always going the extra mile for his classmates and for all of the work he hands in to all of his instructors. Additionally, he has been well received in all of his field placement experiences including student teaching, for which I serve as his supervising instructor.


             In summary, Mack Tribble is an educator of the highest quality who makes me proud to be a member of the teaching profession. He will be an asset to any school district that is fortunate enough to have him. I recommend him enthusiastically.





Susan Marcus, Ph.D.