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Professional Growth Plan

Educational Portfolio for Mack S. Tribble

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Professional Growth Plan – Mack S. Tribble

Standard: Professional Development

Strengths in this area: I ask other teachers and the principal to observe me, take notes and review their opinion of my teaching.  I will be open to changing how I teach based on their feedback.  I have a revolving door policy so communication flows to and from us all the time.  I thoughtfully reflect on each lesson after I teach it. My RU supervisor didn’t need to tell me what to work on. I always knew immediately how my lessons could be improved. I also asked students for their feedback and made changes to help them learn.

Challenges in this area: I don’t always like to hear what people say.  I am working on being more honest about their opinions because they are often correct in their assessment of my teaching.

As a result of your professional growth, what will your students be able to do? My students will be free to express their opinion about a lesson and I will be open to making changes.  They will be more engaged in the lessons. They will have the freedom to question why we are doing a lesson.  I will create engaging, though-provoking lessons based on real-life experiences so the students will understand how the lessons in the classroom relate to the world beyond it.

What specific new learning will you need to build your capacity in this area? I will need to understand that people who offer feedback have the students’ best interest in mind. I need to focus less on my ego and more on the teaching.

Action Plan


(including conducting research)

Target Date

Resources Needed

(People, Courses, Books, Etc.)


Meet with principal after observation



Keep a reflective journal


Ask teachers to observe me



Videotape myself





Attend industry seminars and workshops


Three times during the school year



As often as possible


Beginning, middle and end of year during different types of lessons






Journal, pen, time to do it


Teachers, time, notebook, pencil



Video camera, tape, tv





Websites, membership in industry groups

Evidence of Success (i.e. impact on student learning): I will observe and make informal and formal assessments daily. I will talk to the students and parents about their progress in order to improve their learning. I would track their reading skills by using the DRA and/or the QRI tools.  I always listen to their responses and remain flexible when I plan and change lessons geared toward their level.  I will create challenging lessons by staying on top of their current level.  Students who require extra help or those who need more challenge will receive it because accommodations will be integrated into all lesson plans.