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Educational Portfolio for Mack S. Tribble

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Welcome to my web site!

Thank you for visiting my educational portfolio web site.  I have created this web site for potential employers to take a look at.  I am now a certified elementary teacher, since completing my student teaching this past spring.  I am receiving my educational training at Roosevelt University where I have one class left to finish for my M.A.T.  I am interested in teaching children in all grades.  However, the grades I truly love are K-5.



        My educational philosophy is composed of many things.  Some of these components include aspects of learner diversity, multiple intelligences, and educational technology.  There are so many different learning and teaching techniques that target all kinds of learners.  I believe that a good balance and variety of teaching strategies can target all of the students to make them get the most out of their learning.  Each student is unique and so is each class of students each year.  It is crucial for a teacher to be adaptable and willing to tailor to different students for ultimate student learning.

       The concept of having a multicultural classroom is very important to me. No one should be segregated based on culture, ethnicity, or gender.  Students should learn concepts from a multicultural view.  These facts are so obvious and crucial, however they seem overlooked sometimes.

       Technology is a rising issue in today’s educational world.  I believe that teachers need to know how to appropriately integrate technology into the classroom. Issues such as Internet safety and privacy issues need to be addressed.  If the educator knows how to properly use technological tools, the classroom can be immensely enhanced.

       Overall, I take many things into account for my own teaching philosophy.  I believe that the teacher should be the facilitator for student inquiry.  Some of the lifelong lessons that students learn in elementary school are not necessarily subject area concepts, but rather life or social lessons.  These kinds of lessons help shape and form the kind of a person that the students will be and what he or she might value.  To me, these kinds of lessons are just as important or sometimes even more than a simple science lesson, for example. Students, as well as teachers, should learn the importance of lifelong learning.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide an environment for student that will encourage an enthusiasm for learning.  I will continually seek opportunities for imagination and adventure in which all students can participate.  I will involve my class in activities that empower students to think for themselves as well as share their life experience with their fellow classmates.  Students will continually work on their development of character that is marked by integrity, loyalty, self-discipline, tolerance, and good work habits.


Mack S. Tribble * 404 Sundance Drive, Bartlett, IL * 630-372-7330